My passion for athletic movement began at the age of 14 when I began studying high energy Irish dancing. This passion led me to become a dance professional, teaching and performing across Australia.
Along with my dancing, I worked in retail management, but after over a decade in this field, I was keen for a change that would give my life a deeper meaning and align better with my true passions – health and fitness.

I have been fortunate to meet many inspirational people over the years who all helped me re-imagine my career path – in particular, my first coach Lawrence Templar, whose encouragement spurred me on to study personal training. I completed my training through WYN Training, and then began coaching at Fitness First. Soon after I was fortunate to establish my own business – Make the Leap -Fitness Coaching at the  Melbourne Central Fitness First.

Along with fitness, I have also been keenly interested in supporting the body through good nutrition. I studied Certificate III in Nutrition and Dietetics with Troy Jamieson (Australian Cricket College) and the Level 1 Clean Health Internship program with the world renowned Stefan Ianev and Daine McDonald.

After being a committed vegetarian for 11 years, I began training with Luke Tan – a respected plant based fitness coach, author and entrepreneur at Australian Strength Performance. During my time with Luke and seeing for myself the incredible results of a fully plant based diet, I decided to up the ante and also remove animal by-products from my diet, like eggs and dairy. Since choosing a power packed plant based diet, my strength has increased significantly and my recovery times are quicker and my mindset is more focused.

After experiencing the benefits of a plant based diet first hand, Luke invited me to join a team of athletes and professionals known as the Evolved Generation who focus on combining fitness and ethical living. I am now also an Evolved Generation coach and speaker.

Networks such as Evolved Generation have helped to improve the services I offer my clients through Make The Leap – Fitness Coaching. My aim is to impart my knowledge, educate and inspire all my clients, and I am driven by results and results oriented training.

I look forward to any questions you may have about training with me, or how you can enrich your life through a plant based diet.